1187096_316747831803029_28358412_n copyCaitlin O’Bunny is a Fine Art and Graphic Design student who’s committed to motivating others to eat healthy, train hard and sleep well.

Like most students who move out on their own, she has dealt with a number of common problems that develop out of this new-found freedom and a lack of self-control.  For Caitlin it was all about finding that healthy balance.

Already into her fourth year of university she has learned more than what has simply been provided by her post-secondary education. She has learned how to eat like a bunny to look like a fox all while on a budget.

Caitlin’s goal is to show students how to be healthy, fit and happy all while being a student.  The recipes on the blog will be primarily vegetarian but will also feature recipes that are vegan, and gluten-free. All recipes are also free from any additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients.