Hi Fit Fam,

As many of you know I have been trying transition to veganism and have found a great deal of difficulty in doing so, and not just because my favourite drink is a Caesar lol. At the beginning of my fitness journey raw veganism was the end goal along side a chiseled body, but as I progressed to this nutritional approach I found the two goals have contrasted each other.


Bunny Being Vegan

Over the past couple of weeks I was eating vegan fairly consistently but found the results I was getting in terms of my physical appearance were diminishing. I found myself bloated all time and feeling tired and unmotivated when going to work out. I found myself with irresistible cravings for foods that I wouldn’t normally even think about. I had been doing so well for so long in terms of my clean vegetarian diet that I had assumed veganism would be easy as well.


Over Restriction

As I have said many times before, nutrition is like a belief system, whatever helps you be a better person is the right approach for you.

Brittany Shae, WBFF Pro and one of my biggest inspirations, has been writing a lot about over restriction lately.  Her posts are in relation to fitness competitors who are restricting year round not just in preparation for shows. She is the one that made me realize you cannot limit yourself to a point where you find yourself uncomfortable. You should enjoy the foods you are eating, enjoy the health benefits it brings you and enjoy the progress you are seeing.

The Importance of Self Reflection

Every once in a while it is important to do a little self-reflection. You should check in on your personal goals, think about what’s working, what’s not, what you could be doing better, and what’s impeding you from achieving your goals

Although I agree with the principles of veganism, I feel like at this point in my life I am not prepared to convert whole-heartedly. It is all about what works for you! If something is not working towards making you a better person, there is no sense in limiting yourself.


I will continue to have vegan recipes, but will not be eating exclusively vegan food. So now I can have a Casear and drink it too!